On-Site Crematory Has Its Advantages

If you follow the headlines, the past few years have painted some disturbing pictures of less-than-scrupulous mortuaries and crematories that have been remiss in the care given to human remains.

When cremation became a popular choice for the families we serve, one thing we were certain we wanted was an on-site crematory. We believed it would enable us to provide families with the ultimate care and respect their loved-ones deserved.

With an on-site crematory, we are able to control every aspect of an individual’s final arrangements – from preparing the remains for cremation to ensuring that the cremation chamber is thoroughly cleaned after every cremation, eliminating the risk of co-mingling remains, all under the control of a licensed funeral director.

As one of the Milwaukee area's oldest and most trusted funeral service providers, Max A. Sass & Sons is proud to be one of the few funeral homes in the area to operate it's own crematory.

A few things to remember when selecting a cremation professional:

  • Seek out licensed professionals including a licensed funeral director or certified crematory operator
  • Ask about policies and procedures followed by the cremation service including the handling of the remains as well as documentation
  • Never assume that a funeral home offering cremations has an on-site crematory; more often than not, the remains are sent to an off-site facility.
  • Ask what options exist for those choosing cremation in terms of memorial services, casket rentals and urn/commemorative merchandise.
  • If you are anticipating an on-site memorial service, ensure that the facilities are modern and will accommodate your anticipated guests as well as any special needs they may have.

Deciding on cremation and subsequently choosing the cremation professional to provide those services are decisions that require a great deal of thought and consideration.  These decisions should be based upon reputation, location, facilities and the cost of services. Do not be afraid or embarrassed to “shop” these services; it is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. Taking a little extra time to ask questions and do a bit of research will result in peace of mind for years to come.