When considering the difference between funeral service providers it is paramount that direct and knowledgeable comparisons be made. This is often difficult when one is subjected to generalized advertising that promises savings of thousands of dollars. In the end a so called "discount" funeral can actually wind up costing more and have the client family receiving less in terms of service.

It is a common tactic for a "discount" provider to offer a low initial price. This initial price often includes very little and it is necessary to add a la carte extras. These extras may seem insignificant at first but they can really add up.

The total cost for a funeral is often determined by the selection of a casket, outer burial container or urn. At Max A. Sass & Sons Funeral Home we have an extensive variety of available merchandise to fit the needs and budget of just about everybody. It is a common practice among "discount" providers to simply add the amount they "reduced" their service charge to their merchandise.


Unfortunately the area that is often most neglected by "discount" operations is quality of service. Many believe if they are known as a low cost funeral provider they have a license to cut corners. From not providing attendants at visitations, to not delivering a families' flowers following services to simply hiring substandard employees, in the end it is the client-family that suffers. It is important to thoroughly check the backgrounds of "discount" providers to see if they have had disciplinary actions taken against them or their employees. Contact your local state examining boards and federal OSHA offices.

At Max A. Sass & Sons Funeral Home it has always been our goal to provide the best service at reasonable prices. Honesty, trust and integrity are the foundations upon which our business was built. Grandpa always said, "Treat people the way you would want to be treated." We remind ourselves of this on a daily basis as we strive to care for our client families in a compassionate and personalized manner. 

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